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Bios Re-Programer Macbook Series

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Apple dismantling-free chip read and write BIOS flashing machine, EFI solution ID power-on password PIN firmware lock


Support model: A1534/A1465/A1466/A1706/A1707/A1502/A1708/, shipped with a programmer! Other programmers are not supported!


The use is very simple: first buckle the interface, then power on the motherboard, and then flash it!


Model selection 25Q64 Winbond

Summary of common failures in the process of disassembly-free answering:

One: Do not insert the motherboard according to the insertion direction shown in the corresponding model of the tutorial.

PS: This tool is not a panacea! You can automatically correct the pin position without inserting it in the wrong direction, and automatically match!

With pictures in the right direction, think about it: Why not follow the tutorial pictures?

Two: Insert the programmer into the programmer without disassembling the PCB, the direction is wrong, the position is wrong

PS: These are two mistakes. Some people just like to mess around. It's as simple as the circle against the pressure bar.

The double-row deck has 25 chips on the bottom and 24 chips on the top.

There is an illustration on the back of the programmer. I really don't know how to watch it, please read the tutorial, which shows the correct pictures!

Three: Do not follow the correct operation process!

1. For example, 1466 1502, you need to power on the adapter and then shut down until the shutdown state

This has a practical video explanation

Some people just don't turn on the power, just don't turn off the machine, where are they hard to ask: Why don't they recognize the chip?

2.1708/1707/1706 need to insert the battery, you need to keep pressing the shutdown button, remember it is always.

Many people just don't do this and keep saying why the writing fails? Why is it still in full FF state after writing?

PS: You made a mistake, how can it work properly?

3.1534 16/17 models, many people just don’t fly the power cord to the motherboard

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

In response to the above-mentioned errors, you can actually understand when you think about it. Why do you charge for unlocking the laptop?

Because it's so simple. technology!

Technology requires manual learning. Need to spend money to buy tools.
Since you want to learn technology? Why not learn?
If you really don’t need technology, the customer won’t do it on their own, but still need to send it to you for repair?

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

If you operate the corresponding machine strictly in accordance with the process of the tutorial, follow the actual operation video step by step.
Or not. Then unplug one cable and plug in only one, and test the two ports back and forth.

Troubleshooting method:
1. Multimeter diode file, connect the red test lead to GND and the black test lead to measure the 4 pins 1 2 5 6 in turn, this is the SPI bus

If there is no impedance, it means that the wire is broken or the contact is poor, or the welding is poor.

2. Multimeter diode file, red and black test leads measure 1 2, 2 3 in turn. 3 4. 4 5 .5 6.. . 6 7. 7 8.
Measure whether there is a short circuit in pairs
If there is a short circuit, it means that there is solder connected together

This probability is rarely shipped by test.




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    Works great. Just got unlocked my A1708 from UEFI lockdown. Didn´t need to unplug anything from motherboard, just plugged the Mini programmer in and that's it.
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    Work Great
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